Shipping time, as stated on our site, is estimated to be 7-25 business days and is dependent on our dedicated shippers schedule.  The following statuses will be reflected for your order.

1. Awaiting shipment- Your order has been fulfilled and sent to our shipping forwarder.  Tracking information is not yet available.  

2. Shipped-  Tracking number has been uploaded and the shipment is waiting for next dedicated flight to Japan.  At this time you can track your order at for updates on the international movement.  When the tracking number is uploaded there will not be any movement until the international flight has been loaded. You will then see international tracking information on The tracking system on our website will not update until the order arrives in Japan and is passed off to the local company, Sagawa Express.

Note- Dedicated international shipping is done in scheduled shipments. Unlike Fedex or UPS, you will not have immediate movement on your package. Dedicated shipping is a little slower but much more economical. For example, using Fedex, the average shipping fee is $85 instead of the dedicated shipping company fee of $15.