Ordering Instructions for JVJS

Yes. It is legal to personally import liquid nicotine products for personal use and have your order shipped to your local address in Japan. No on-base PO boxes allowed. Please note that resale is ILLEGAL. You can not purchase liquid nicotine products anywhere in Japan and products on this site can not be purchased or ordered at Jam Vapes Okinawa in Chatan.

 The contents announced on November 17, 2016 by the Pharmaceutical and Living Hygiene Bureau of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare are as follows.

 By law, liquids for e-cigarettes (both containing nicotine; the same shall apply hereinafter) are classified as pharmaceutical products. The quantity that can be cleared by customs is one month's worth ( 1,200 cigarettes or 12,000 inhalations and 120 ml for liquids ) in terms of dosage for one month . If you want to import liquids in excess of the above, you need to obtain a drug supervision certificate. If liquid quantities are mixed in the same shipment, the total quantity will be used as the standard


Therefore, we have set the following upper limit on the cart.  

Therefore, please comply with the law and purchase an appropriate capacity.  We are not responsible for any shipments seized by customs for exceeding the personal import limits.

Nicotine liquid

    • 120ml is the monthly limit


    • 4x 30ml salt nic bottles
    • 1x 100/120ml bottle
    • 2x 60ml bottles
    • 1x 60ml bottles and 2x 30ml bottles
    • Disposables- total puffs do not exceed 12,000


Note- All products list on this website are shipped directly to your local address in Japan.  We do not stock any products in Japan.

  1. Select your desired products, select options if required, and add to your cart.

  2. When you have added all your desired products to the cart review your cart for correctness.

  3. Proceed to Checkout.

  4. Sign in or register for a new account.

  5. Shipping (English or Romaji only please): Enter your local Japan shipping address.  No on-base PO boxes allowed.

  6. Billing (English of Romaji only please): Enter your billing address for your credit card.

  7. Payment: Enter your credit card information.

  8. Read and agree with the Terms and Conditions

  9. Select “Yes, I agree with the above terms and conditions”

  10. Select place order.

  11. The FDA required Age Verification window will appear.

  12. Select Continue to verify age.

  13. Enter your date of birth and select next.

  14. After Age Verification process is complete select continue.

  15. Your order is now complete!

  16. You will then get an order verification email.

  17. When your order has been processed you will get a second email updating the status to "Ready for shipment". 

  18. When your order has been shipped you will get a third email with tracking information.

  19. If you have any questions, call Dave at 080-6494-3785 or message us on FB @jamvapes. 

Thank You for shopping at JVJS! 

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