Important Announcement!!!  The JVJS delivery schedule has changed. Check the delivery schedule for updates. 

NOTE 1- All customers must present their ID to pick up their order and be 20 years old or older.  No exceptions!

NOTE 2- You can also send a friend to pickup your order.  All they need is your full name and their SOFA ID to show that they are 20 yrs or older.

NOTE 3-  We stay at each delivery location for 25 minutes.

 1.  Kadena Bowling Alley parking lot- Mondays @1900

*order cut-off time is 1730

2.  Kadena Bowling Alley parking lot- Wednesday @ 1230
*order cut-off time is 1030

3.  Kadena Bowling Alley parking lot- Fridays @1900
*order cut-off time is 1730

4.  Camp Hansen- OFFBASE PARKING LOT next to front gate. Saturday @ 1200. 
*order cut-off time is 1030

6.  NEW TIME!  Kadena Bowling Alley parking lot- Saturday @ 1600.
*order cutoff time is Saturday @ 1400