MOJO 1.2ML Pre-filled Disposable Salt Nic Device- 5%/50mg

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Lemon Dessert
Indulgent yellow cake with Lemon Zest The sweet taste of freshly baked yellow cake with tangy lemon zest. Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings with delicious this Lemon Dessert Mojo.

Ice Pineapple
Mouthwatering exotic Pineapple with a hint of icy Menthol.A sweet taste of tropical paradise, Mojo Ice Pineapple transports you to a lush island with its refreshing pineapple citrus flavor.

Fresh sweet juicy strawberry with hint of icy menthol

A sultry mix of sweet mango flavor with every smooth puff. Transport yourself to a tropical island paradise with the pure taste of natural mango fruit.

Sun-ripened Southern peaches explode with all-natural flavor. Sweet and refreshing, with high-quality ingredients and a delightful taste.

A mouthwatering taste of sweet concord grapes blended with hints of white grape. This sensational blend of flavors makes this Mojo hard to put down!

1 x MOJO Disposable Pod Device